Monday, 23 December 2013

Changming to Appear on Radio Show

here are 2 updates::

1. on 1 dec, i got a quite exciting email: kindly invited by the hostess Ms Ariadne Sawyer, the president of World Poetry ( and also a director of Vancouver Asian Heritage Month, i will for the first time in my life appear on Vancouver Co-op Radio (CFRO 100.5 FM), on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm. i look forward to the experience, but i am very nervous about this interview on World Poetry Cafe Radio Station, which broadcasts to listeners in 48 countries.

2. on dec 14, i launched my own independent chinese blogsite at, where i am going to post all my writings in chinese, including poetry, essays, non-fiction, and etc. my blogging experiences with 2 major chinese websites have turned out quite negative, as my postings there either have few pageviews (at ) or are believedly 'censored' somehow for some reasons (at

busy as he is with his academic studies at ubc, Allen has almost completely stopped writing or reading poetry; and his involvement in our editing and publishing endeavours has been minimized as well.

which symbol/sign/logo to chose for Poetry Pacific?  , Π π, .--., Ᵽᵽ 

now, at 5:00 pm, i decide to use the figure below as pp's logo, which i designed myself today ('. ___ ___." is the morse code for 'p' as in 'poetry' while the large '℘'  is the mathematical Weierstrass p as in 'pacific'::

poetry pacific