Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Changming: 7th Time Pushcart Nomination

with my own computer sitting in a repair shop for the past few days, i happened to know today that the editors of Sleet Magazine sent me an email the day before yesterday (on november 18), informing me that they had nominated my poem 'y' for the pushcart prize for 2013.

thus far, this has been my 7th time to have such honor, but i know i will never be able to get the prize or any other decent one, although i believe i deserve something even bigger or better.

i have written 10 poems, all titled 'y.' this one is numbered as 'y2.' i am sure another 1/2/3/4 of my 'y' poems will be nominated for the pp.

anyway, here is the link::

once my poetry has been accepted or published in more than 1,000 literary magazines or anthologies, i will try to write my novels, hopefully within 2 or 3 years.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ordeal Ended, Poetry Again

finally, our daily ordeal with the unwanted tenant officially came to an end at 7:00 pm on 14 aug, with him returning the keys to me. for the past 4 months, i have been trying to uphold my Buddhist policy 'friendly come, friendly go' by showing good faith even when he and his accomplice tortured me and other tenants unbearably almost on a daily basis.

it happens that my poem 'snakeland' was accepted by foam:e just a few minutes ago. this piece, like 'genuine genesis', also recently accepted, belongs to a group of poems i have written in response to my suffering imposed by evil tenants.

november seems to be fruitful month; for the past 14 day, i have received 16 poetry acceptances. beginning from tomorrow, i can return to my normal creative life, in addition to much renovation work to do on my house, as well as in my poetry.

Monday, 11 November 2013

PP Publishing Group Ready to Go

last Remembrance day, we launched Poetry Pacific as an e.journal impulsively; our initial aim was to give Allen a chance to exercise his editing skills and get some field experience as an online poetry editor; in other words, we set up our own poetry magazine simply to boost his resume and application to universities. however, the experience has turned out far more meaningful and more productive than we originally anticipated. as time goes by, we have become increasingly more interested in and committed to this literary project. now we plan to venture into more publishing endeavours. in fact, to commemorate PP's anniversary, we will launch the (temporary) web/blogsite of Poetry Pacific Press in a few hours. we have already published three poetry collections, and will publish more books as we are more technically prepared.

poetry pacific press is a subsidiary of PP Publishing Group, which will be ready to publish all kinds of reading materials, in english or chinese, including poetry, fiction, anything or everything that has some word worth.
november seems to be a luckier month for me, for i have got 10 poetry acceptances for the past 10 days. once the unwanted tenant eventually goes, i will have more time and energy, esp better mood to return to my poetry road. as an american lawyers suggested, my nightmarish experience with tenants is similar to what takes place in the 1990 hollywood movie called 'pacific heights,' which we watched on youtube, but we do not have that kind of luck or dramatic happy ending; our suffering is more and longer.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Changming: 6-time Pushcart Nomination, etc

last night, i received an email fromm the editor of Yellow Medicine Review, informing me that my short poem 'read' has been nominated by the magazine for the pushcart prize (2013). this is the 6th time i have had such honor since 2009. although i never expect to win this or any other prize - nor do i participate in any literary contest (with the only exception of cbc poetry contest occasionally), i feel a bit comforted that my poetry gains some recognition constantly after all.

sometimes i cannot help wondering how come those who have written/published relatively few poems, and whose poems are not really 'fine' at all, have often won prizes, and even 'big' and handsome ones. also, how come almost 99 percent of the poems published in big-named magazines or anthologies are either nonsense or poorly written lines? as i see it, there is little poetry in those 'poems,' while i believe there has been too much politics in contemporary poetics!

by the way, as the publisher/editor of Poetry Pacific Press, we have just decided to publish our third book titled The Flawless with Flaw, by a good Hunan poet named Yang Lin. although the english version has lost quite a lot of the original poetic elements, its rich imagery and spiritual insight are still readily perceivable to the reader, well beyond the language barrier. today, i am going to send the blurbs and limitedly edited copy back to my chinese partner for printing. the 60-page short collection will become available by the end of december.

shortly, i will place an open call in both english and chiense for manuscript submissions to my Press...