Monday, 11 November 2013

PP Publishing Group Ready to Go

last Remembrance day, we launched Poetry Pacific as an e.journal impulsively; our initial aim was to give Allen a chance to exercise his editing skills and get some field experience as an online poetry editor; in other words, we set up our own poetry magazine simply to boost his resume and application to universities. however, the experience has turned out far more meaningful and more productive than we originally anticipated. as time goes by, we have become increasingly more interested in and committed to this literary project. now we plan to venture into more publishing endeavours. in fact, to commemorate PP's anniversary, we will launch the (temporary) web/blogsite of Poetry Pacific Press in a few hours. we have already published three poetry collections, and will publish more books as we are more technically prepared.

poetry pacific press is a subsidiary of PP Publishing Group, which will be ready to publish all kinds of reading materials, in english or chinese, including poetry, fiction, anything or everything that has some word worth.
november seems to be a luckier month for me, for i have got 10 poetry acceptances for the past 10 days. once the unwanted tenant eventually goes, i will have more time and energy, esp better mood to return to my poetry road. as an american lawyers suggested, my nightmarish experience with tenants is similar to what takes place in the 1990 hollywood movie called 'pacific heights,' which we watched on youtube, but we do not have that kind of luck or dramatic happy ending; our suffering is more and longer.

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