Friday, 7 February 2014

[archived]: Poems by Allen Qing Yuan © - fall/2013

the following poems were written by Allen for a ubc  creative writing course (english 105) during the fall of 2013. the first three pieces have been accepted/published online or in print by various literary outlets::


to defeat monsters, he has long since sacrificed his humanity

his heightened sense of vengeance bloats into a colossal skeleton
thick sinews and muscle strands of his frustration intertwine
outreaching like twilight as the sun sets behind great walls

his black hair flowing like crows flocking for food
his eyes glowing green of what was once the foolish innocence of adolescence
his derailed teeth expelling furious vapours between the cracks
his devilish ears pointing towards some secret in the western sky
his narrow brutish tongue spitting nothing but whims and revenge

and as he stomps and stomps, pounds and pounds
all his limbs into this entity he hates
with steam gushing out of the areas of contact
with disintegrating parts of his body blindly slamming into structures

his giant shape finally stumbles down, wondering
whether evil sheds tears inwardly

Foiled Fantasy

I got stuck on a plateau where I couldn’t stay
By the act of confabulation, where my ego was never fabricated

I was just a patch of uncertainties among godly confidence
Judging bad as righteous, or good as guilty

And they wouldn’t stop me; rather, they would keep trying
To turn me into a wicked distortion, a misrepresented shape
Of the gratefulness and the compassion
Long forgotten by humanity

I could feel my power growing by the hour
Yet I couldn’t make a change within or without my body
But I felt a re-setting in the future hidden by time
Inside, there was a big vault I could never unlock

Banging on the locks, shaking the shackles of my own chains
All of the lights, all of the lights beaming through my inner windows
And I was a monster carrying a fallen angel
As I ran away, gradually lost in the wild

A lost cause with a lost cause

And the blame of it all
Was a fantasy so fancily foiled

Blue, Beyond the Blues
Head rested on his hand, mimicking a comfort he once had
He spent every evening looking out the window

The girl had long departed, like a tugboat leaving no trace
On the water, except for the anchor pit under the waves

And he could hear the foamy sounds across the season
That resonated of the relationship between see and sky

Memories frolicking on the keys of black and white
Though with a harsh tune, it led to a harmonious epiphany

That nostalgia could be more dangerous than heartbreak
That he had always loved her; and that was his heartache

Spring echoed of the finest chords with all his unsung songs
Her reply was a slow wave pushed back to the summer’s beach

There blows another yet familiar salty breeze, once more
He reaches out his inner arms high to embrace the horizon


The world has an ambition newly tamed
For humans to become a force of nature

A tornado that relocates a whole city
A streamlet that nudges along

A sparkle that can burn every forest
Or can easily be extinguished

A tsunami transcending any movement
A droplet constantly bending perception

An earthquake that swallows half of the sky
A crack in the pavement that subtly defaces the earth

But it does not move us like the sun spreading the seeds of light
Nor does it hold us high like the moon creating waves at midnight

So, perhaps we should just remain what we are
Like countless grains cast away atop the sand dunes

The Titans

Rampaging and desecrating the walls with the blood of those who built them
they turn all classes into livestock and consume them slowly, not for needs
but for pleasure

They destroy the homes where people felt comfortable
and they make sure no one is comforted

“Show me the money!” they declare; instantly
We see the blood on the money
We see that blood does not equate money
We see the blood of money

But what difference does it make when blood drips from your hands
Any witness would just see the colour of red and not the shades in between

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