Sunday, 6 April 2014

changming yuan: towards happiness -1

the meaning of life, if any at all, is to create a meaning for it.

quite similarly, the immediate purpose of human life, as in the case of all other living creatures, is to maintain life itself; however, the ultimate one is, if any at all, is to pursue happiness.

yes, every one desires happiness, but what is happiness? - there may be as many different definitions of the term as many different kinds of desirable states of mind or heart.

to me, happiness can most broadly be defined as a positive psychological condition and, as such, it certainly has many important defining characteristics, which i will try to describe in my subsequent blognotes.

i have done a lot of thinking about what happiness is,as well as about how one can obtain and maintain it.

very often i strongly feel that i have found the right key to happiness, but without being able to locate the lock or the door from time to time.

i write, so i am.

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