Wednesday, 11 June 2014

changming yuan: towards happiness -18

like our sociopolitical reality, working station and family, health can also play a major role in determining the extent to which we feel happy. if we are in good health, we tend to enjoy our lives more and feel better about being ourselves; otherwise, we may suffer in one way or another.

however, this does not necessarily mean that our physical well-being is always a happifier. although good health is never a dehappifier, there are numerous examples showing that it is far from the most significant source of happiness. just as there are many people who are suffering even constantly from a painful disease but may still maintain a happy state of mind, there are also many people who live in perfect health but may feel unhappy about their lives.

so, the most decisive factor determining how happy we are about being ourselves is not health, although it can be seen as an important internal or intrinsic factor, let alone other external ones, such as our sociopolitical, working and family environments.


how happy (or unhappy) we are is always determined by internal rather than external elements. 

happiness can be obtained and/or maintained only from inside.

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