Thursday, 10 July 2014

changming: 'y' in best canadian poetry (2014)

just received a message that one of my poems titled 'y' has been selected for inclusion in Best Canadian Poetry (2014) - this is the third time for my work to appear in the yearly anthology. the first is 'china charms: nine detours of the yellow river' (2009), and the second 'waiting' (2012). the former was also selected earlier this year for inclusion in the online anthology Poetry in Voice for canadian high school students. such news is always welcome.

so far i have written about a dozen poems all titled 'y.' while everyone of them has been accepted or published already, half of them seem to be well-received.

although i have been widely published by now (more than 1,000 poems in 870 literary journals/anthologies - many of them are prestigious or well recognized - across as many as 30 countries), i cannot find a single press willing to publish my poetry collections, not even in canada, my chosen country! i often feel the irony strongly, but i know my life is one full of paradoxes anyway.

being an author makes me feel happy most of the time: while i have become used or even indifferent to rejections, i always expect some good news to come, and little happy surprises do fall upon me from time to time!

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