Thursday, 4 December 2014

updates: literary endeavors -yuan changming

several things to update here:

1. i have been translating ms Zhang Xinyue's second book from chinese into english. the title is temporarily 'abundance notes' - may be changed to 'towards abundance,' 'quotations from xinyue,' or something along the line. it's composed mostly of the author's messages about her spiritual theory and practice known as 'Abundance' posted on her (chinese) weixin or microblogsite. actually, i have just finished my first draft, and will finalize it by the end of this month. my PP Press will publish it bilingually early next year.

2. i am still waiting to translate another 12 testimonials and add them to ms Zhang Xinyue's first book Create Abundance as she wishes. so the publication process of this book has been delayed. since we plan to publish all Zhang's books bilingually, it will take longer to prepare the proofs before finding a well-established printer to do the job.

3. because of my deteriorating health (mainly the eye, the neck and the heart problems, and now knee problems as well), i have to use my computer/work time in the most possible efficient way. in other words, i am considering reducing Poetry Pacific from a quarterly publication into a biannual one next year. also, preoccupied as i am with my translation work in addition to editing/writing, i do not have any time or energy for any other project for my PP Press for the time being.

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