Monday, 5 January 2015

january updates: literary endeavors -yuan changming

1/ my reading at 'sfu lunch poems' on 17 dec 2014 turned out much more successful than i had thought. i read 4 pieces: 'immigration,' 'nine detours of the yellow river,,' 'waiting' and 'farewell talk: for yuan hongqi and liu yu.' one audience said my poems made her cry on the spot. after the two of us finished reading, there were very interesting questions raised and answered. the best reading experience i have had thus far as a poetry author;

2/ my ms of a chapbook titled 'origin of the letters' has just been accepted for publication as an by beard of bees press;

3/ i have recently finished translating the second book by Zhang Xinyue, notes about abundance 《丰盛笔记》, which reads like a collection of (mainly reflective/philosophical) poems. probably my PP Press is to publish it as well, but the author says she may have something added in a poetic form;

4/ i have just received another 12 testimonials/interviews for Zhang's first book create abundance 《创造丰盛》, which i have been translating into english since a couple of weeks ago. the author plans to replace the old 11 testimonials with these 12 interviews, which are very lengthy and cannot be finished anytime soon. hopefully i can complete the two books by the end of next month, and the publication dates for the two books have to be postponed accordingly.

5/ with my worsening health (esp. eye and knee problems), and other troubles which have kept haunting me one after another all my life, i simply cannot function literarily as i long to. besides, i am moving from one house to another...

6/how i wish to have some peaceful time to write a few more poems! i never have even enough time to make poetry submissions. what will 2015, the year of the goat, have in store for me? ...

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