Wednesday, 29 April 2015

yuan changming: village photos

archived below are the photos i took of the village, known as 'lianhuadang,' where i grew up, attending primary and junior high school, basically from 1963 to 1972 ...

the plant i mostly gathered for the pig my household tried to raise

the plant said to make a dick swollen, which all village boys avoided touching

yam leaves, delicious to pigs

rice fields, often filled with leeches, where i sometimes worked after school

hot cotton fields, where i was always slow in picking the flowers

moon above the country, now more in my memory than in the reality

i felt a sense of kinship with cotton fields when i returned in  october 2014

my primary school, now torn down but still with a later-built brick fence
photo taken in 2007 with my poet younger son 

the primary school i attended, with a later-built gate and fence
photo taken with my 12-year-old younger son in the summer of 2007

the chicken house we had in our house, the wall has been modernized

the broom used to clean the room's mudfloor...

the house i lived in while attending junior high school
 which used to have a thatched roof and mud walls

my father's tomb in my uncle's vegetable garden, taken in october 2014

tomb-visiting: fire crackers burned in honor of my father
photo taken in october 2014

my father's tomb, photo taken in october 2014

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