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writing credits updated/archived: yuan changming -30may15

since i received my first contributor's copy on 21 june 2005 or my first english poem 'south china cicada' was published in byline, my poetry has been accepted by 1039 literary outlets across 34 countries as of today. while i wish to have another 10 years for my literary career, i would like to update and archive all my writing credits here:

In print (284):
Australia: dotdotdash, LiNQ, Windmills
Austria: Poetry Salzburg Review
Canada:  All Rights Reserved, Alone Together (anthology), ARC, Ars Medica, Best Canadian Poetry (2009;12;14; Anthology), Canadian Literature, Carte Blanche, CV2, the Dalhousie Review, dANDelion, Descant, Divine Intimacy (Anthology), Earls Court, English 113 F1 (Courseware, Univ. of Alberta), Estuary, Event, Existere, Feathertale Review, filling Station, Freefall, Grain, Jones Av, Literary Review of Canada, Marriage (Anthology), Matrix, the Nashwaak Review, the New Chief  Tongue, the New Quarterly, NoD, One Cool Word, Other Voices, Ottawa Arts Review, Overseas Chinese Poetry (Chinese), Poetry Canada, Polychrome Ink, the Prairie Journal, Queen’s Quarterly, Quills Canada Poetry Magazine, Qwerty, Rampike, A Rewarding Life (anthology), Ricepaper, Rhubarb, Spirituality (Anthology), Wascana Review, Windsor Review, Vallum, Vancouver Review 
Cyprus: Sons of Camus Writers International Journal
China: Asia Literary Review (hk), World Poetry Yearbook 2014,Yuan Yang(hk)
Egypt: Rowayat
Germany: SAND Journal
India: MetVerse Muse, Prosopisia, Reading Hour, Taj Mahal Review
Ireland: Boyne Berries
Israel: Voice Israel
Italy: Private: International Review of Black and White Photographs and Texts
Japan: Ginyu, Poetry Kanto
Lebanon: Rusted Radishes
Netherlands: Amsterdam Quaterly
Norway: Two Thirds North
Romania: Acolada & Confesiun (anthology), Actis Lidia, Contemporary Literary Horizon, haiku anthology, Egphobia,
South Africa: New Coin
Thailand: Destroyer of worlds (anthology), From When and Where (co-authored)
Turkey: Istanbul Review
UK: Aligater Stew, Animal Antics(Anthology), Atlantean, Breadline, Brittle Star, Cadenza, Cannon’s Mouth, Confingo, Current Accounts, Decanto, First Time, Decanto, Forward Press (Anthology, 2009, 2010, 2011), Gold Dust, Horrified Press (Anthologies: housewife +end], the Journal, the London Magazine, the New Writer, Orbis, Parameter, Pennine Ink, Poetic Hours, Polluto, PostPoetry, Pulsar, Sein und Werden, Sufi, Transnational, Turbulence, Visionary Tongue,  Voice of the Bard (Anthology), Wasafiri, World Strand (Anthology)
US: 3rd Wednesday, 580 Split, Abandoned Towers,  After Hours, Ampersand Review, Aries, Anthology of Best Present Day Poems, Badlands Literary Review, Baltimore Review, Barrow Street, BILiNE (anthology), Birmingham Arts Journal, Black Magnolias Lit J, Blink Ink, Blinking Cursor, Byline, Burning Word, Cake Magazine, Calliope, Chaffey review, the Chaffin Journal, CHEST, Chrysanthemum, Cider Press Review, Circles Show, Cirque, Clare, Controlled Burn, Crosstimbers,  Delmarva Review, Dirtcakes (Anthology), El Portal, Ellipsis, Emerge Literary Journal, Encyclopedia Project (v.3), Endicott Review, Evening Street Review, Fact-Simile, Fairy Tale Review, FEILE-FESTA, Flower & Vortexes, Foundling Review, FreeFall, Fresh! (Anthology), Grace Notes Magazine, Grey Sparrow, Gris Gris, Haarp, Hawaii Review, Hidden Oak, Homestead Review, I-70 Review, Idiom, IF Poetry Journal, Impeachable, In Our Own Words (Anthology), Inkspill, Instigatorzine, International Poetry Review, Iodine Poetry Journal, Ivy (Chinese), James Dickey Review, KNOCK, Labletter, Left Curve, Literary Mary Journal, Literature Today; the Lost Country, the Mas Tequilas Review, Meadow, Midwest Quarterly, Moon City Review, Mobius,Nebo, New Binary Press (Anthology), Nibble, Nomad’s Choir, the Northridge Review, the Other Herald,  Out of Our, Overplay/Underdone (Anthology), Owen Mister Review, pacificREVIEW, Palehouse, Penny Ante Feud, Perceptions, Perspectives (anthology), Petals in the Pan (anthology), Phantom Drift (anthology), Phati’tude, Pinyon Review, Poe Little Thing, Poesia, Poetalk, Poetry for the Masses, Pom-Pom-Pomeranian, Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine, Porter Gulch Review, Portland Review, Prime Mincer,  PRISM Review, Progressive Poetics, Prospectus, Pudding Magazine, Rabbit Catastrophe Review, Raven Chronicles, Red Rock Review, Redactions, Relief (Anthology), Remark, , RHINO, RipRap, Rockford Review, Rockhurst Review, Rune, Rhythm + PUNishment, Salamander, San Clara Review, Saranac Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal, Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics, Segue, Sephyrus Press Afterlife (Anthology), Shalla Magazine, Side B, Sierra Nevada Review, Solo Novo, SP Quill, Spillway, Spirits, Straylight, Stealing Time, Still Crazy, Stoneboat Review, Studio 1, Sugar House Review, Tales of Talisman, Taproot Magazine, Threepenny Review, Time of Singing, Tipton Poetry Journal, Tule Review, Ucity Review, Urthona, US-China Review, Vehicle, Vermilion Literary Project, Verse/Chorus (anthology), Waterhshed, Waterways, Weber Review, Westward Quarterly, Willard & Maple, Wordgathhering, World Literary Today, Write On, Writing for Peace, Words & Images, You Are Here

Online (746): 
Australia: Bluepepper, foam:e, Mascara literary Review, Otoliths, Peril, Snorkel, Stylus Poetry Journal, Structo
Bulgaria: Public Republic
Canada: Apollo’s Lyre, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, Autumn Leaves, Branch, Bywords, Centrifugal Eye, Estuary, Fieldstone Review, Hart House Review, Inscribed, Maynard, Egregious, MTLS, Northern Cardinal Review, Other C/lutter, Poetry in Voice (online anthology), Poetry Pacific, Rhythm, Toronto Quarterly, Writers Block, Ygdrasil, Zouch;
China (Hong Kong): Cha, Balloons Literary Journal, Far Enough East
Finland: Nokturno
France:  Belleville Park Pages, Paris/Atlantic
Germany: Chrysanthemum, Family Anthology (short fiction)
India: The Aerogram, AAtlas Poetica, Brown Criticque, Contemporary Literary Review: India, Creativica, Criterion, Earthen Lamp, Enchanted Verse Literary Review, the Four Quarters Magazine, Galacy: Int’l Multidiscplinary Reseach, Guwahatian, Indian Rev, Kritya, Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts, Muse India, Neesah Magazine, New Aesthetic, Open Road Review, Outside In, Sangam, Thanal, Writer’s Lifeline
Iran: Mahmag World Literature
Ireland: Brain of Forgetting, Silver Apple, A Ulster,
Italy: Gi amici di Guido Gozzano, Immagina & Poesia, Private online
Japan: Asahi Shimbun
Kenya: Kwani?
Malaysia: Anak Sastra, Malaysia Poetic Chronicles
Mexico: In Other Words
Nepal: The Applicant
New Zealand: Numinous, Rem, Southern Ocean Review
Nigeria: Saraba Magazine
Philippines: Electronic Maroon
Romania: Nazar Look
Singapore: Of Zoos, Quarterly Literary Review of Singapore
Sweden: Mediterranean Poetry
Thailand: Aaron, Eastlit
Turkey: Istanbul Literary Review
UAE: Sukoon
UK: 7th  Quarry Poetry Magazine, 20X20, Allegro Poetry Magazein, Argotist, Conversation Papers, Counter Culture, Dawntreader, Dark Fiction Spotlight, Delinquent, Electric Eel, Erbacce, Horror Zine, Glasgow Review, Greatworks, Gulper Eel, Ink Sweat & Tears, Interpoetry, mgversion2>datura, Nib, Nthposition, Onedit, Outlaw Poetry Network, Parameter, the Poetry Box (Horror and Dark P M); Poetry Kit, Poetry Scotland, Screech Owl, Stub, Talking Verse, Three and a Half Point 9, Twisted Tongue, Winamop
US: 4 & 20, 6 Little Things, 13 Myna Bird, 322 Magazine, 1st Bird Review, 34 Parallel, 40 Ounce Bachelor, 322 Review, Aaduna, About Place, Ad Astra. Agave, Adirondack Review, Aji Mag, Altered Scale, Amulet, Analogpress, And/Or, Anemone Sidecar, Apropos Literary Journal, A River and Sound Review, A Shot of Ink, Aries, Assisi, Alba, Alehouse, Alliterati, Amaranthine Muses, Amarillo Bay, Anemone Sidecar, Apocryphal Text, Apparatus, Aroostook Review, Asia Writes, Asinine, Askew Poetry, Artistic Muse, Assonance, Atlas and Alice, Avalon Lit Rev, Avatar Review, Avocet Review, Awosting Alchemy, Backlit Barbell, Bad Futurist, Bangalore Review, Bare Hands, Barefeet Review, Barely South Review, Barnwood Poetry Magazine, the Bat Shat, Belle Reve, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Bicycle Review, Big Pulp, Big River Poetry Review, Bijou Poetry Review, Binnacle, Birds we pile loosely, Bird’s Eye Review, Biscuit, the Bitchin’ Kitsch, Black Fox Lit Mag, Black Heart Magazine, Black Magnolias, Black Petals, Black Wire Literary Magazine, Blackdahlia, BlazeVox, the Bleeding Lion, Blood Lotus Journal, Blood Moon Rising Mag, Blue Bonnet Review, Blue Fifth Review, Blue Heron Rev, the Blue Hour, Blue Lake Review, Blue Lyra Review, Blue Moon Lit & Art Review, Blue Print Review, Bluepepper, Bluestem, The Body Attacks Itself, Booth, Breath & Shadow, the Boiler Journal, Brink Magazine, Broad, Bicl Pff. Buddhist Poetry Review, Bumples, Burst, Cactus Heart, A Capella Zoo, Calliope Nerve, Camel Saloon, Canyon Voices, Caper, Carcinogenic Poetry, Cardinal Sins, Cascadia Review, Cattails, Cave Moon, Cell 2 Soul, Chantarelles Notebook, Chaparral, Christian Living in the Mature Years, Children, Chrysalis, Churches & Daddies, Cincinnati Review, Circle Review, Clade Song, Clutching at Straw, Cliterature, Clockwise Cat, Clover, Coachella Review, Coffee Shop Poems, Coffeine Destiny, Commonline, Concelebratory Shoehorn Review, Composite, Congruent Spaces Magazine, Connotation, Construction, the Copperfield Review, the Cortland Review, Counterexamples Poetics, CounterPunch, Crab Fat Mag, Crack the Spine, Crazy Concrete, Crash, Cricket online Review, Critiphoria, Culver Chronicles, CURA, Curbside Splendor, Cyclamens and Swords, Cynic, Damfino, Dandelion Farm Rev; Danse Macabre, Dark Matter, Dead Flowers, Dead Snakes, Decanto, decomP magazinE, Deimos eZine, Denver Syntax, Dialogist, Digital Papercut, Dislocate, District, Down in the Dirt, Dirty Chai, Dreams and Nightmares, Driftwood Press, Driftwood Review, Drunken Boat, EAB- Midnight Circus, EardrumPop, Earthborn, East Coast Ink, East Jasmine Review, Eat Your Words, Edge, Elsewhere Literary Magazine, EMG-zine, Empirical, Empty Sink Publishing, En Pointe Magazine, Entasis Journal, Entroper, Epigraph, Episodic, Eskimo Pie, Eternal Haunted Summers, Experimental Writing, Exquisite Corpse, Eunoia Review, Euphemism, Eureka, Every Day Poets, Exercise Bowler, Experiential-Experimental,  Extraterrial Life, Extrac(s), Ezra, Fawlt Magazine, Fib Rev, Fiction Week Lit Review, Fictioneer, Fine Line, Fish Food & Lava Juice, Five Fishes Journal,  Five Quarterly, Five Willow Literary Review, Flashquake, Flutter Poetry Journal, Flyover Country Review, Flywheel, Fogged Clarity, Folly, FoodFish Magazine, For Poetry, Four Ties Lit Rev, Fresh!, Foliate Oak,  Forge, Fortunates, Foreign Encounters (Anthology), Fox Chase Review, FRiGG, Full of Crow, Furious Gazelle, Future Earth Mag, Gadfly, Gambling the Aisle, the Gap Toothed Madness, Gemini,  the Germ, Gertrude Press, Gival Press LLC, Glass Seed, Gloom Cupboard, A Golden Place, Golden Sparrow Lit Rev, Gravel Magazine, Great American Poetry Show, Green Briar Review, Greensilk Journal, GUD, Gutter Eloquence Magazine, Haggard and Halloo, Hamilton Stone Review, Hando No Kuzushi, Hanging Moss Journal, Have U Seen My Whale?, Hazard Cat, Healthy Artist, HEArt, Heavy Hands Ink, Here/There Poetry, Hermeneutic Chaos, Hermes Poetry Journal, High Coupe, Hobble Creek Review, Hobo Camp Review, HoboEye, Holly Rose Review, Honeyland Review, Horriefied Press (suffer-anthology), Horror Sleaze Trash, Hothouse Magazine, Houston Literary Journal,  HOWL, Hungry Horrow, HyperText Magazine,  the Ides of March, Ijagun Poetry Journal, Ikleftiko, Illya’s Honey, Imitation Fruit Lit J, Indefinite Space, Indiana Voice, Inertia Magazine, Inner Art Journal, InQuire, Intercapillary Space, Iris Brown, Ishaan Lit Rev, IthacaLit, Lit Mag, Iron Bound, Jellyfish Whispers, Jersey Devil Press, Jesus Radicals, JMWW, Journal of Compressed Creative Art, Joyful!, Ken*again, Kill Poet, Kin, King Log, Konundrum Engine Literary Review, Kudzu, LA River of LA, Lamplit Underground, Lantern Review, Leaf Garden, Leaves of Ink, Legendary, Lies/Isle, Life As An, the Light Ekphrastic, Limn, Linden Avenue Lit Journal, Linnet’s Wings, Liquid Imagination, Listenlight, Lit Chaos, Lit Up Mag, Literary Brushstrokes, Literary Tonic, Literarily Erotic, Literary Mama, literary Orphans, Literary Underground, Literary Yard, Literati Quarterly, Loch Raven Review, Locust Magazine, A Long Story Short, Lost & Found, Lost Coast Review, Louiseville Review, Lummox, Lyrical Passion Poetry E-zine, Mad Bunkers, Mad Hatters’ Hat, Mad Swirl, Magnolia Review, Manhanttanville Rev, Marathon Literary Review, the Mas Tequila Review, McCroskey Memorial Internet Playhouse, Medullar Review, Magic Cat Press, Magic, Marco Polo, Mayo Review, Meadowland Review, MediaVirus, Meet for Tea, Mel Brake Press, Menopause Press, Midwest Lit Mag, Midway Journal, Miller’s Pond, Miracle E.zine, Miriam’s Well, Missing Slate, the Minetta Review, Milk, Milo Review, Miranda Literary Magazine,  Misfit Magazine, Misfit’s Miscellany, Mission at Tenth, Misty Mountain Review, Mixitini Matrix, Mojave River Review, Monongahela Review, Monterey Poetry Review, Montucky Review, Moon City Review, Moon Magazine, Mosaic Art and Literary Jurnal, Mud Season Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, Muse, Mused, Mustard Seed Risk, Nain Rougue, Name Calling, A Narrow Fellow, the Natural Tale, The Nervous Breakdown, New Bourgeois, the New Writer, New York Dreaming, Noctua Review, Northwind, Nostrovia!Poetry, nthWORD, Obsession, Oddball Mag, Oddville Press, Offcourse , Off the Coast, Olentangy Review, On the Rusk, Open Window Review, Organs of Visions and Speech (OVS), Origami Poems, Orion Headless, Other Voices International Project, Otis Nebula, Outside in Literary and Travel Magazine, Outward Link, Over the Transom, Ozone Park Journal, Pagan Imagination, Paper Nautilus, Path, Peaches, Petrichor Machine, Poets Against War, PJ Nights, PANK, Past Simple, Paradise Review, the Pavillion, Pawnshop, Peeking Cat, Penhead Press, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Peregrine Muse, Peripheral Surveys, Periphery, Phantom Kangaroo, Picayune Review, Pink Chameleon, Pinstripe Fedora, Pirene’s Fountain, Poem2Day, Poems-for-All, Poetry Quarterly, Poetry Repairs, Poetry Super Highway, Poets International, PoetsWest, Polu Texni, Poor Mojo’s Alamanac(k), Poplorish, Poppy Road Review, Portmanteau, Post Script, Potomac: A Journal of Poetry and Politics, Poydras Review, Prairie Wolf Press Review, Praxilla, Press 1, PressBoard Press, Project Agent Orange Poetry Blog,  Printer's Devil Review, Project Agent Orange Poetry, Prospective Journal [Cthullou a love story-antholgoy], Protest Poems, Psychic Meatloaf, Purple Pig Literary Cup, Pyrokinection, Qrrtsiluni, Quatoble, Radar Poetry, Radioactive Moat, Radius, Rainbow Journal, Rampallian, Randomly Accessed Poetics, Raving Dove, Ray’s Road Review, Red Booth Review, Red Box Kit, Red Dirt Review, Red Fez, Red Ochre Lit, Red River Review, Red Rose Review, Red Savina Review, Red Sky, Regime Books, Remarkable Doorway, Revolver, Rougarou, Right Hand Pointing, RiverLit, River Poets Journal, Roanoke Review, Rock Heals, Rock River Review, Rufous City Review, Rusty Nail, Sacred Ground Travel Magazine, Saint Elizabeth Street, Salt River Review, Sandy River Review, Sauced!, Sawbuck, Scapegoat Review, Scholars and Rogues, Scrambler, Scareship, Scissors and Spackles, Screaming Sheep, Scribblers and Inkspillers, Scene 4 , Scrubbadubdub, Sea Stories, See Spot Run, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Shadowbox, Shampoo, Shelf Life, Shoot and Vines, Short, Fast & Deadly,   Shot Glass, Shout Out, Shuf, Sick of Em, Silver Blade Poetry, Silver of Stone, Siren, Similar:Peaks::Poetry, Slate Literary Magazine, the Smoking Poet, Snapping Twig, SNM Horror Mag, Snow Monkey, SNReview, Songs of Erete Poetry Review, the Song Is, Soul to Soul, South 85, South Jersey Underground, Specs, Spectrum, Speculative Edge, Spinozablue, Spiral Orb, Spittoon, Spooky Boyfriend, Squalor Review, Squawk Back, Spry, St Somewhere, Star 82 Review, Stellar Showcase Journal, Step Away Magazine, Steel Toe Review, Stickman Review, Still Crazy, Stone Highway Review, Stone Path Review, Stonecoast Review, Stone’s Throw, Storm Cycle (Anthology), Storyacious, Straight Forward: A Poetry Journal,Strange Machine, Stray Branch, Strong Verse, Subliminal Interiors, SubtleTea, Subtopian Mag, Sugared Water, Sundog Lit, Survivor’s Review, Suss, Swamp Lily Review, Symmetry Pebbles, Syndic Literary Journal, Tawdry Bawdry, Technoculture, Teeth Dreams Magazine, Telling Our Stories Press, THIS Literary Mag, This Zine Will Change Your Life, Thought Collection, Thought Smith, Tiferet, ongues of the Ocean, Tonopah Review, Torrid Literature, Tower Journal, trans lit mag, Treehouse, Triggerfish Critical Review, Trillium Literary Journal, Tule Review, Turk’s Head Review, Turtle Island Quarterly, Turtle Way, Twisted Dreams, Two Hawks Quarterly, Typehouse Review, unFold, Unlikely 2.0, Untitled Country Review, Untitled with Passengers, Uprooted (anthology), Uptown Mosaic, Uut Poetry, Vagobond City Literary Journal, Verdad, Verse Wisconsin, Verseland, Versus Literary Journal, Viral Cat, Vis a Tergo, Visions with Voices, Voice Project, Volta, Vox Poetica, Waiting for the Bus, the Weary Blue, What’s Your Sign (anthology), Wheelhouse Magazine, Whirlwind Review, Whispers, Whistling Fire, White Ash Literary Magazine, Wild Violet, Wild Quarterly, Wilde Magazine, Wildness House Literary Review, Word Catalyst, Word Riot, Wordland, WORK Literary Magazine,  Woven Tale Press, the Write Place at the Right Time, Write from Wrong, the Write Room, Write This, the Write Room, Writers’ Bloc, Writer’s Literary Muse, Writing Disorder, Writing Raw, Yellow Mama, Yellow Medicine, Yes Poetry, Your Daily Poem, YoYo Magazine, Zodiac Review, Zona de Carga (loading zone), Zoomoozophone Review
Zimbabwe: Poetry Bulawayo

In Chinese (9)
Canada: haiwaishikan (海外诗刊)
China: 世界诗人 》,《中国文学》(HK) ,《合澜海》
Singapore: 诗歌》《新华文学》
US: changqingteng (常青藤),  New World Poetry (print新大陆诗刊),  global times 《环球时报》

Reading Performances:
1.      Chrysanthemum Poetry Society: Hugo House, 3 March 2010. ($200usd)
2.      Ricepaper: Words on the Street, 7 Oct 2011. ($75cdn)
3.      World Poetry Reading Series: CFRO 100.5 FM, 21 Jan 2014.
4.      Lunch Poems: SFU, 17 Dec 2014. ($50cdn)

Poetry Collections:
1.   Chansons of a Chinaman [Paperback]. Murfreesboro, TN: Leaf Garden Press,             2009.
           2.  Three Poets: Voices from the West Coast []. (co-authored with Koon                        Woon and Joneve McCormick). Seattle: Goldfish Press, 2011.
3.   From When and Where: Three Poets [Paperback]. (co-authored with Hal                           O'Leary and Jerome Brooke) Thailand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing                  Platform, 2012.
           4.  Waiting [e.chapbook]. Red Box Kite, 2012.
5.    Landscaping [Paperback]. San Jacinto, California: Flutter Press, 2013.
6.   Mindscaping [e.chapbook]. Fowlpox Press. Halifax: 8 October 2014.
7.   Origin of Letters [e.chapbook]. Chicago: Beard of Bees Press, May 2015.
8.   Kinship: For Yuan Hongqi & Liu Yu. Seattle: Goldfish Press, May 2015.

In particular, I have work included in Best Canadian Poetry (2014, 2012, 2009) and  BestNewPoemsOnline (2011); also, I have been nominated 8 times for the Pushcart Prize, and invited to read my poetry at Seattle’s Hugo Coffee House, during the Word On the Street Vancouver Festival and on other occasions.  

Selected Solo-Publications (in English):
1.      Chansons of a Chinaman [Paperback]. Murfreesboro, TN: Leaf Garden Press, 2009.
2.      Politics and Poetics: A Comparative Study of John Keats and Li He [Paperback; Monograph]. Berlin: LAP, 2009.
3.      Waiting [mini e.Chapbook]. Red Box Kite, 2012.
4.      Landscaping [Paperback]. San Jacinto, California: Flutter Press, 2013.
5.      Plein Air [Paperback; Micro Chapbook]. Origami Poems Project, 2013.
6.      Mindscaping [e.chapbook]. Halifax: Fowlpox Press, 2014.
7.      Origin of Letters [e.chapbook]. Beard of Bees Press, May 2015.
8.      Kinship: For Yuan Hongqi & Liu Yu. Seattle: Goldfish Press, May 2015.

6. World Poetry Cafe Radio Show - CFRO 100.5FM [Canada; 21 Jan 2014] htttp://
7/ Driftwood Press [US. Apr., 2014]
84c1988c6a9fe60ebb94c.pdf (pp. 34-35).
8/ DC Poetry Project: the Power of Poetics [US; a blogtalk show, 29 April 2015]

Pushcart Nominations: 
1. "Chansons of a Chinaman," nominated by my first poetry book publisher Leaf Garden Press for a Pushcart Prize for 2009. [link::].
2. "S. E. W. N," nominated by Blue Fifth Review for a Pushcart Prize for 2009. []. Also, originally published by BFR, my poem "Last Single Sale" was selected for inclusion in Best New Poems Online;
3. "Word Collage: A Democratic Poem," nominated by Carcinogenic Poetry (Virgogray Press) for a Puschcart prize for 2010. [link::];
4. "SAWS: A Seasonal Poem," nominated by Wilderness House Literary Review for a Pushcart prize for 2011. [link::];
5. "Kinship: for Yuan Hongqi." nominated by Mobius, the Poetry Magazine for a Pushcart Prize for 2012 [link::];
6. “Read,” nominated by Yellow Medicine Review [] for a Pushcart Prize for 2013;
7. "Y," nominated by Sleet Magazine for a Pushcart Prize for 2013 [link::];
8. "Natural Confrontations," nominated by The Binnacles for a Pushcart Prize for 2013 [link::];

1.     “Extraordinary Poem Award (2012),” offered by The Sons of Camus Writers International for my long poem “Chinese Legends Modernized”
2.     “Hall of Fame Certificate (2013),” presented by Torrid Literature Publishing Group for my poem “Me & Sand,” [link::
3.      “The International Best Poet (2014),” co-certified by Int’l Poetry Translation and Research Center, the World Poets Quarterly, and Chinese Poetry Int’l.

i am sorry that although my poems were accepted by the following magazines, they eventually fail to appear as scheduled for one reason or another; when contacted, some of the journals  just kept ignoring my queries, a blatantly rude or outrageous act of non-professionalism. 

the following is a black list of some of such magazines,

1. adbusters (canada);
2. trespass (uk);
3. blackbox manifold (uk);
4. rattapallax (us);
5. bop dead city (us);
6. lowestoft chronicle (us);
7. rune (us-mit);
8. berkeley poetry review (us);
9. istanbul review (turkey);
10. bohemia (us);

other journals that stopped functioning before my accepted work appeared as scheduled include: :
1. glasgow review;
[i will try to list them all when i have time later...]

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