Saturday, 6 May 2017

may updates: changming's lit endeavours

1/ still able to write quite much poetry in recent weeks, but i feel increasingly worried about the time when i finally run out of poetic inspiration or talent (as the chinese idiom goes: 江郎才尽), actually, since my very first attempt at writing poetry about 13 years ago, i have always had such fear;

2/ during my first banff tour made in aug 2004, i wrote my first poem in english, and then began to be published online or in print. between 16 and 19 last month, i had my second banff tour (with my old mother) and conceived 8 poems, hopefully to be published sooner or later;

3/ got 13 acceptances in april;

4/ yesterday was a busy day for me: released our spring issue of Poetry Pacific (6.1), made the announcement on our 5,000-strong facebook site, my 8,000-strong linkedin site and my twitter, which i have ignored thus far;

5/ my eye problem has been bugging me for a long time. because i have only one (right) eye functioning all my life, i have abused it so much and so terribly that it begins to hurt and shed tears after looking at screen for only 10 or 15 minutes.  so far, no doctors or traditional chinese treatments are of any help, since this is an ageing and natural or congenital problem. to save my worsening vision, i have to reduce my computer time to minimum and decide, as publisher of PP Press, to cancel all book publication projects - i agreed to publish 2 ms two years ago and a third earlier this year for one reason or another, but recently after much hesitation, i finally released them all back to their authors. i feel really sorry, even guilt about this withdrawal, yet my increasing lifelong fear about becoming blind is more unbearable than this sense of guilt.

(how i have always wished for a normal pair of eyes so that i could have learned more computer skills, and naturally done more and better about PP and our PP Press even if all is basically a one-man's show!)

simply because of this fear and suffering, i sometimes want to change Poetry Pacific from a biannual publication to a yearly one if my health situation gets from bad to worse, but i will try to hang on...

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