Tuesday, 25 July 2017

daoist yangsheng and new e.publication to be...

for record, as for future effort, i hit upon the idea of launching another e.publication (hopefully in mid-october),  between 4 and 5 pm today (25 july 2017), during my acupuncture treatment by dr Zhuo about my heart condition and kneel problem.

homework to be done includes choosing/deciding upon::
1/ a name, which should be indicative of something about wholistic health care, physical and psychological wellbeing, yangsheng (wellness and longevity), etc;
2/ a language, which might be english and/or chinese, open to any linguistic input;
3/ an e.format, which might be blog-based, or specifically domained - the problem is: google services are unavailable in china, while sina or any other popular chinese counterpart is little known or accessed in the english speaking world;
4/ website design;
5/ content/space allotments;

Daoism, one of the two (aboriginally developed) most ancient and most influential chinese philosophical traditions (the other is Confucianism), is actually the only major 'religion' focused exclusively on the attainment of wellbeing and longevity in the human world; such being the case, i see no reason why it should not become a particularly important resource for us contemporaries to draw upon in our effort to live a healthy and long life.

not surprisingly, almost every highly accomplished traditional chinese medical doctor has made more or less use of Daoist approaches to the achievement and maintenance of good health, as well as to the treatments of many different kinds of diseases, physical or psychological.

pasted below is my trial translation of dr Zhuo's brochure for his club (19 june 2017) ::

同年平人说】天人相应,中正平和,动静相宜,形与神俱,脏藏腑传 ,经络通畅,骨正筋柔,气血旺盛 。 

Tongnian on the Normal Person: A normal person lives a straight and peaceful life in harmony with nature, maintains an equilibrium between activity and inactivity, between body and spirit, and has well-functioning internal organs, unblocked meridians, good bones and flexible tendons/ligaments in addition to robust qi and blood.


Tongnian on the Ways to Yangsheng: Yangsheng (wellbeing and longevity) can be attained by way of removing pollutants to purify internal systems, clearing meridians to fulfill them with energy, cleaning up the innermost reality to become self-insightful through Daoist meditation, stopping leakages to cultivate vitality, and igniting the holy flame to obtain a new life.


Tongnian on Yangsheng Nirvana: Yangsheng is a process of a normal person growing into an accomplished one, an experience of a raw body transformed into a refined one, an awareness of low dimensions elevated to high ones, an integration of the primordial will into the spiritual being, an insight gained from the yin-yang principle and corresponding well with divination, an attainment of soma-spirit and human-nature harmonies, a synthesis of transcendental high frequencies and enjoyments in the moment, a paragon of peaceful pleasure and spontaneous flow of authentic selfhood, as well as a home to health cultivation and miraculous manifestation.

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