Thursday, 1 February 2018

feburary updates: yuan's lit endeavors

1. while googling around a few days ago, i found that a different version of my poem  "Anagrammed Variations of the American Dream" was nominated by Concis in september for inclusion in the 2017 Best of the Net anthology. here is the link::
this poem may well have been be the 'best' one i wrote in 2017, since it has been particularly popular among some editors/readers. although i have been nominated 10 times for the Pushcart, and this is the third time my poetry has won the Best of the Net nomination, i have never had any poem actually included in either of the two anthologies. nevertheless, such nominations make me feel good about what i have been doing as a hobby. 

2. in late october and early november last year, i created Happy Yangsheng both on facebook and as a blogsite (at, but thus far, the pageviews have been increasing far less than i had anticipated. i thought such a site would be a great idea and won instant popularity; alas, people show little interest in what i am trying to do for their wellbeing.  i often wonder why so many people are interested in what i find to be just crap. once a media guy, i realise i may have lost my contact with the intellectual reality of the common people. i simply do not understand this phenomenon. 

3. want to write a 'big' poem tentatively titled 'mutating' or 'subverting', hoping to voice out my concern about what we have been going through in recent decades -- we seem to have become a different species now. also, i often feel the urge to write a long poem about the quest for human happiness, but i would not force myself to embark upon such a writing project. as always, i just want to go along with 'karma'. 

4. got 15 acceptances in december 2017, and 16 in january this year, including Into the Void, THIS and South Dakota Review. 

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