Saturday, 8 December 2012

First Happy Editorial Surprise

when we started PP, Allen suggested following a blind submission policy, but i was a little concerned about possible editorial risks we might run into, since i am not sure about my own editorial judgement. indeed, considering the fact that i did not have my first exposure to poetry of any kind until age 14, nor did i begin to learn the english alphabet until age 19, i  feel particularly uneasy about my english poetic sensitivities as an editor. that's part of the reason why i have kept postponing my publishing/editorial projects.

however, we have gotten our first happy editorial surprise here: we accepted  Paul Sohar's intriguing and intelligent poem 'Non-Eucliean Geometry Lesson' without knowing who he is beforehand, only to find that he is a well accomplished poet. cannot wait to feature it next monday as scheduled. -c

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