Sunday, 30 December 2012

Some New Changes for Poetry Pacific for 2013

as the year of the snake slithers in, we plan to introduce some more changes to our PP. for instance, we will add a disclaimer, some guidelines, etc. also, we have dropped the descriptive word 'solicited' before the published poems, and are thinking of featuring one single poet or a group of poets regularly every monday, instead of posting poems on a first-accepted-first-go basis. as in the case of many other fellow small ezines, we did not have many definite ideas to begin with; nor did we have any specific plans for every stage in our development. all we had is just one commitment: to showcase the 'best contemporary poetry in english' we can find, now on a blog-based ezine, or/and in the print form in the future. in other words, PP will be an ever-evolving literary outlet, and we ourselves are curious to see what we can and will do with it.

recently, Allen is busy with some other volunteer work besides normal school stuffs and university applications, while Changming is fully occupied with teaching and helping with students at every level. neither of us has enough time to do some reading or writing as we would like, but things will hopefully improve as students return to school...-c.a.

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