Thursday, 24 January 2013

An Unforgettable 'Poetical' Day for Changming & Allen

we started today happily in the morning: both of us got an acceptance message from Two Thirds North, a Norway-based literary magazine. in fact, this month, Allen has thus far gotten 5 acceptances (including Quill's Canadian Poetry, Blast Furnace, Estuary, Ascent Aspirations), more than ever in a month (he usually gets 1-3 monthly in the past year), and Changming gotten 19 (including CURA, Off the Coast, Estuary, RipRap, After Hours, Impeachable, Spirits, Quotable and Mas Tequila Review), as in most other months (he has been getting 12-30 acceptances monthly in the past few years).

However, our visit to our family dr Ronda Low turned out really anti-poetic: we waited there for more than 2 hours totally in vain. when she finally came to see us, she refused to 'see' or listen to us as soon as she knew we had decided to switch to a different doctor after she leaves for a private medical institution. Allen had an important test on economics, directly related to his application to university, which began at 1:40 pm, and Changming was trying to be nice and considerate as usual. however, waiting there in hunger and anxiety  for nearly three hours until 1:10, we had to leave her office in frustration without even getting a single piece of medical advice: she refused to do her job for nothing but a groundless, blatant, un-professional reason. her attitude made C so angry that C wanted to file a formal complaint against her...

i am still hesitating; i do not want to do this nasty thing, since she has been our family doctor for almost 20 years.  although we have seldom visited her in the past 10 years (because of our relocation), we have always wanted to maintain this relationship. even before my wife had Allen in her womb, we had begun to see the doctor. however, probably because she has been too busy or too successful with her career, she became bullish and less caring,which i noticed a few years ago. i understand that all doctors are humans, who may be stressful, occasionally grouchy and self-interested, caring much about how much they can gain, like everybody else; however, since they have chosen the profession, they should be at least  trying to be professional. dr Low seemed to have been carried away, a bit too far away. for her own benefit (who knows that her attitude may cause her big trouble someday, sooner or later), as well as for other patients, i still want to go ahead with a formal complaint, just to give her a warning signal.

doctors represent one of the few noblest professions in the human society, but there are doctors and doctors everywhere. while there are bound to be many good, nice, genuinely caring and medically helpful doctors in vancouver, there are doctors who are just bullish, arrogant (they may believe all other people are just stupid patients), hypocritical, too money-oriented, and professionally helpless in the lower mainland. based on my personal and others' experiences,  i have written and published a few poems satirizing such medical professionals. it's too bad that i am not lucky enough to have found a really good and helpful doctor. to defend our dignity and right as patients, i will write and hopefully publish a series of poems against the fact that many doctors in today's society simply do not live up to their titles: their profession is noble and highly prestigious (and profitable as well), but some of them are just too low-minded.

so, poetically, it has been an unforgettable day today after all. -c

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