Saturday, 23 March 2013

Poetry Pacific Press Ready to Go

on 9 march, right after he accepted a couple of my chinese poems, i called a china-based poet/editor/scholar and talked about possible joint ventures in poetry publishing. he mentioned that he had prepared an anthology of 'best' chinese poems of the 20th century with english translations, which he hoped to get published preferably by a foreign publisher. hearing this, i came up with three options: 1) to approach well-established/recognized canadian and american book publishers, but that would be extremely time/effort-consuming, full of frustrations, and most likely fruitless in the end; 2) to contact one of my few poet-friends, who has his own press, but that might turned out inefficient or even unreliable; and 3) to 'upgrade' our magazine Poetry Pacific into a publishing house. naturally, we decided to go with option 3. so, on march 12, i registered Poetry Pacific with the canadian authority to obtain an isbn number for the anthology ( On 19 march, i got my application approved and, by following the instructions, was assigned the number, which is 978-0-9919298-0-1.

for the record, this is the background story about how Poetry Pacific Press came into being.

that is to say, i will soon publish our very first print book, a highly ambitious project, and Allen is certainly going to continue the venture. at the suggestion of our project partner, we will release the information about this anthology officially when the manuscript becomes ready to go to the printer (in late may or early june).

we will see what we can do with Poetry Pacific Press...


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