Sunday, 5 May 2013

Allen's May 5th Update

Hello all,

Recently I just spent my 18th birthday with my friends. We watched the highly anticipated "Iron Man 3", starring one of my favourite actors, Robert Downey Jr. Marvel movies have always been my favourite since I was like 12 so it was only fitting. My friends all pitched in and got me some very nice shoes. We also ate out at our usual burger place in down town. Overall, I felt like we strengthened our bonds as friends. But the main point of the blog post isn't about the party or my age.

It's about transitioning into adulthood.

It doesn't feel any different at first but then you begin to think about a lot of things. Becoming a young adult, what parts of your life should reach closure? Your interests? Your habits?

None. I think the only thing we should end is our dream-like reality. As teenagers, we are always thinking about the future. Now, things are different. We make decisions for ourselves that are constantly affecting the next step of our lives. So instead of thinking that the future is faraway, we should remember that the repercussions and results are all much closer than they seem.

Being able to love is a gift, so don't waste that love on anything that doesn't deserve it. Our friends and family deserve our love and attention because they deserve it and they do the same for us. If anything, I should be grateful. Our hobbies, our passions are all a part of our pursuit of happiness.

One of the main lessons in Iron Man 3 is that "we create our own demons". It's the introduction of new things that we have to keep mind. For example: responsibility. No one is more liable for our actions other than ourselves. I hope in retrospect, I will be able to look back and say this blog post was a perfect representation of my fundamental morals at the time.

Never rest in peace until you become a legend; even then, you will be much more alive than those who are living.

Live free,
Allen Yuan

PS Thank you.

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