Monday, 13 May 2013

changming: a new collection Landscaping is due out soon via Flutter Press

today seems to be a great day for me:

although not as many individual poem acceptances so far this month (as, say, in april when i had 16 acceptances), i submitted 25 poems group-titled 'landscaping' to Flutter Press on 11 may, and this morning fount it accepted as a poetry collection. hopefully everything will be worked out smoothly in july, when it is supposed to be out. this will be my first 'chapbook' or second poetry book.

also, Poetry Pacific was formally listed on Duotrope today, as already in most other popular listing sites, such as New Pages, Adromeda, Poets & Writers, MUTT, Every Writer's Resource, Lannan and Selby's List.

i have not been actively seeking book publishers since the appearance of my first poetry collection Chansons of a Chinaman (Leaf Garden Press, 2009). there are 2 major concerns: on the one hand, it's too hard to find a book publisher willing enough to commit itself to putting out my poetic work in the book form; on the other, even if i have a collections published, i am afraid few readers would be interested enough in reading it as a whole, let alone to buy it. nor have i participated in any poetry/literary contests, with the only exception of cbc poetry prize, which i consider to be a literary lottery. my reason is simple: i am never a lucky person - no matter what i do or achieve eventually, it's always through hard labor and persistent effort. from today, i may try to approach book publishers, half-heartedly, from time to time, but my plan is to have my poetry published in more than 1,000 different literary outlets and then shift my publishing focus on my own book publishing as well as the publishing of Poetry Pacific. it may take another 3 to 5 years to do so.

i will keep paddling my little canoe...

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