Wednesday, 31 July 2013

TRAFFIC LIGHT: Allen's first poetry book just released

around 6:30 pm today, we released Allen's first poetry collection, 50 pages, titled TRAFFIC LIGHT, via, only 6 dollars per copy, readily available at

this is the very first publishing project in hard copy undertaken by Poetry Pacific as a press. in the future, we will place open calls for manuscripts, and try to publish more, better, and more frequently...

today is also the first day of paid work Allen has even done since he was born.

but today is also a nightmarish day for the poetry author as a man in real life: here in vancouver, as in any other part of north america, the western hemisphere, or the entire world, today's human society is becoming more and more like a true snakeland, a place where we can get bitten by deadly poisonous snakes anytime, anywhere, despite of the sunshine, blue sky, green trees, flowers, even smiles...

a day to remember, to think, to write

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