Friday, 28 June 2013

[archivied]: Natural Confrontations: A Group Poem by CY

The following is a group of poems all titled 'Natural Confrontations,' which have been published online or in print by various journals in the past couple of years: 


A baby raven
Popping up from nowhere
Tries to
Establish itself:
one dark truth
On the skeletal tree top
Yawing fiercely
Towards the sky, the wind, the buildings
The fields and the entire afternoon
All so fluffily white
In jade-toned snow

2. Seagull 

As if right from heaven
A snowy seagull charges down
Trying to pick up the entire ocean
With its bold beak
As the tsunami raises
All its fierce fists
In sweeping protection 
Against earth’s agitation
In foamy darkness

3. Plum Blossom

Without a single leaf
Grass-dyed or sun-painted
To highlight it  
But on a skeletal twig
Glazed with dark elegies  
A bud is blooming, bold and blatant
Like a drop of blood
As if to show off, to challenge
The entire season
When whims and wishes
Are all frozen like the landscape

4. Eddy  

A gossamer-like breeze 
Left far behind
By a running dog
Tries to strike
The stagnated twilight
Hanging above the whole city
Before the storm sets in

5. Bamboo 

From under
A bulky boulder
Sitting still, meditating
Like a Buddha
A tiny bamboo sprout
Has just broken the earth
Ready to shoot up
Against the entire sky

6. Grass

Inspired by spring’s spirit
You turn all your life
Into a pair of green swords
No matter how many times
Your head and heart
Are both trodden 
You still hold them high
Against the summer sky

7. Leaf

Like a wounded soldier
Firmly holding his position
You are the only one
Still hanging there
To blockade the invasion
Of a whole cold season

8. Firefly

Burst with courage
You are flying around, using
Your little light
Like a sharp scissor tip
To rip off the heavy curtain
Of all the darkness
Blown out of frenzy dreams

9. Cloud

Your body so light
Soft, short, never
Even having a fixed shape
Yet you resist the strongest
Summer sun, trying to
Shield every ray it shoots down
Towards the huge empire 
Getting increasing hot on earth

10. Octopus  

To escape
From your predator
You eject the ink out of
Your little body
As if to dye the whole ocean
Into thick night  

11. Orchid

Deep in the valley
Alone on a shady spot
You bloom aloud, though
There are neither eyes
Nor ears open nearby
Paying the slightest attention
To your shape or melody
Be it ever so fragrant
So fulfilling 

12. Lotus
From foul, decayed silt
At the very bottom
Of a big lake of dirty murk
You shoot clean
Against the morning sun
Always pure

13. Corn

With a small body
Of teeth, you have bitten off
Every golden minute
From the warm day
Hoping to collect and store
All the sunlight
Of the passing season  

14. Cuckoo

With a thin
Blood-throated voice
You call out aloud
Trying to wake up
Millions of millions
Of trees and rocks
All deeply lost in
Their cold dreams
Of last winter

15. Ant

Stretching its hair-like limbs
As far as it can
The ant embracing
The tallest Douglas tree
In the forest
Attempts to shake off
All its leaves
Branches, and even
To uproot it

16. Vortex

Turning, twirling
In ever smaller circles
A vortex in the stream
Seems to be sucking in
All the waters on earth
Like the black hole 
Trying to swallow
The whole universe

17. Feather

A white fluffy plume
From an unknown bird
Happening to fly by
Drifts around, falling down
Slowly, as if to wipe out
All the dust at dusk
With its invisible fingers

18. Squirrel

Dripping along
From its freshest wound
A squirrel runs zigzag
Across a forlorn field
As if to melt
All the ice
In the valley, or
To warm up
The hardened heart of the winter

19. Meteorite

With a resolution
Harder than a diamond
You burn yourself up
As your strike down from high above
Trying to warm up
The entire universe, even
At the cost of your own life
Short, but like a prolonged exclamation mark

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