Thursday, 27 June 2013

Y, Y by Changming Yuan

yum-yum, you seem to
You are really haunted by this letter
as rich as old as the soil
yes, yes, with your yellowish skin
You seem obsessed with the first letter of the word
these are the first lines of a whole group of poems all titled 'y' - in fact i have no idea about exactly how many y-poems i have ever written and/or gotten accepted or published:  over a year ago, a computer motherboard crash caused me to lose all my files and  records, including those for my poetry subs and accepts, and this week, the upgrading and repairing of my computer has been making me undergo a similar disastrous experience.

that's why i often feel that the computer is more of a nuisance than of a convenience. modern hi-tech has made life both extremely convenient and troublesome.

other larger groups of poems that have exactly the same or similar titles are respectively:
'my crow'
'directory of destinies'
'directory of directions' 
'east idioms'
'natural confrontations'
as i mentioned in my interview with PANK, i have this bad habit of keeping writing poetry under the same title until i feel poetically exhausted. such habit has caused and will continue to cause much confusion and even trouble, but this is the way how sometimes my poetic inspirations work on me. for me, to write poetry and get it published is more important than anything else.

just in case i should have another computer crash in the future, i am recording this in my blog for archiving purposes - when i have time, i will try to find all my group poems and paste them here.

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