Thursday, 1 May 2014

changming yuan: towards happiness -10

anything that can make us happy is what i would call a happifying agent, or simply happifier. in living reality, there may be as many happifiers as happifiees themselves (in the sense that every human being can make every other fellow being feel happy).

no matter which basic approach - religious, educational or intuitive - you may take to attain happiness, there are always happifiers available to you one way or another. for the convenience of discussion, this large number of happifiers can be divided roughly into 3 major categories:

1/ physiological stimuli (food, drink, sex, perfume, game, sports, etc);
2/ physical material (money, house, car, clothing, jewellery, etc);
3/ psychological interactors (love, friendship, fame, power, music, artworks, etc).

to most happifiees, happifiers come as 'sensible objects,' things that are more or less tangible or perceivable. each category has its own defining characteristics.


every happifier may contribute, with varying degrees, to one's sense of happiness, but it is not happiness itself. 

most people tend to identify a happifier as happiness itself, although such tendency is highly problematic. for instance, most people confuse 'happiness' with 'success.'

if you are truly happy, you should still be able to remain so, despite of the many de-happifiers that may constantly disturb your state of mind.

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