Wednesday, 21 May 2014

changming yuan: towards happiness -15

the sociopolitical reality we live in offers us the macro human environment, which can, but may not necessarily, be a major dehappifier. indeed, there could be as many happy people in a politically depressing society like north korea as in a socially turbulent one like syria; similarly, there could be as many unhappy people in a highly democratic society like the unite states as in a particularly tolerant one like canada.

in theory as in practice, the macro human environment could be a major dehappifier, but only to those individuals who are suffering, psychologically or physiologically, as a direct and immediate result of the working of such environmental factors. naturally, if you are tortured in an unruled prison because you have done something to overthrow the chinese government, you may not be truly happy even if you are a great revolutionary or freedom fighter like Mandela, nor would you feel pleasant if your family is killed during a bombardment imposed by a passing unmanned airplane in a war zone. otherwise, you might still be able to maintain a positive state of mind.

so, our macro human environment could turn out to be irrelevant for many, if not most of, those trying to pursue happiness.


since the vast majority of us could do little to control our macro human environment, it would be helpful if we just ignore the sociopolitical reality as a major dehappifier. 

true happiness can be gained only from the inner reality, rather than from the outer environment.   

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