Wednesday, 14 May 2014

changming yuan: towards happiness -14

there are as many happifiers as de-happifiers in the human reality. among all dehappifiers, the following 6 are probably the most significant ones, which can be divided into two groups in terms of sources::

i. personal dehappifiers:
1/ physical health;
2/ personality;
3/ thought pattern;

ii. environmental dehappifiers:
1/ family;
2/ job;
3/ sociopolitical reallity.

equally noteworthy is the dialectic relationship between happifiers and dehappifiers: just as happifiers can turn into dehappifiers, dehappifiers can turn the other way around.  or, one might as well say that each happifier is one and the same as the dehappifier at the same time. while the personal elements, especially the psychological/ideological ones, may function as the intrinsic causes of such dialectic change if any, the environmental elements can also play an important role in this process although they are extrinsic causes. what is the most decisive in this inter-relationship is perhaps the way we can control such interchange.


every human life is a living process in which happifiers and dehappifiers work randomly and constantly with or against one another. 

whether one is happy or not depends heavily on how one manages the work of happifiers and dehappifiers. 

once we can actively and effectively manage the work of happifiers and dehappifiers 'to our advantage,' we will be able to live a happy life.

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