Thursday, 29 May 2014

may updates: changming

yesterday, i had the honour of being invited to read my poetry at Lunch Poems at simon fraser university (downtown campus). today i have just replied, choosing september 17 to attend the event, right before i plan to go back to china for a tour to jiuzhaigou and for a short stay with my mom in jinzhou. i look forward to all that. ( the reading date has been changed to december 17 instead)

this month, i have had 23 poetry acceptances thus far (including wasafiri, voice isareal, mediterranean poetry), but got only 12 last month. the month in which i got most acceptances was november 2013, when my poetry was accepted by 29 journals/anthologies. in other words, since 2009, i have had my poetry accepted by 12 to 29 different literary publications. this sounds good, but i make 300 or so poetry subs every month. my acceptance rate is roughly 4-5%, as in the case of most other submitters.

the problem is, my eyes hurt too much and too long whenever i stay with my computer for more than half an hour. if it continues, i may have to minimize my time with Poetry Pacific or any other publication endeavours, and even reduce my time for writing/typing.

in recent months, i have been writing and posting my mini-essays on 'happiness' at my english blogsite, and on 'chinese culture' at my chinese blogsite.

once i have been published by more than 1,000 different literary publications, i will begin either to learn traditional chinese painting and/or to write my long overdue novels, hopefully in a couple of years. i have always avoided writing novels, because mine will be 'purely literary' rather than commercial fiction. i am fully aware that whatever i write never has any 'market value,' nor do i really care about whether i have any readers or make any money. - i write; therefore, i am.

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